Documents to Submit

For the purposes of granting the status, a person should apply to the legal entity under public law operating within the Ministry of Justice - Public Service Development Agency. The application can be submitted to any territorial unit of the Public Service Development Agency or to any branch of the Justice House. The application should be accompanied by the following documents:


  • 2 photos measured ¾;
  • Identity document issued by a foreign country or travel document (in case of their existence);
  • Any other document that can prove the fact of the status seeker is stateless.


In case of the absence of required documents, the application should include the reasons for not possessing them. In case of actions prescribed under this rule are performed by the person with representative powers the document proving such power should be presented to the Agency. The application should include the following data about the status seeker:


  • Identification data (name, surname, in case of changes in above data also the name and surname before such change, previous citizenship, sex, place, and date of birth, mother’s maiden name and surname);
  • Requisites (type and number of the document, expiration date, place and date of issuance, issuing authority) of identity document issued by a foreign country or travel document (in case of their existence);
  • Marital status, date of marriage, citizenship, and place of birth of children, name, surname, and citizenship of a spouse (former spouse);
  • Countries of residency and the respective periods;
  • Education;
  • Place of work;
  • Place of factual living (in case of changes in living place in Georgia the status seeker is obliged to inform the Agency about it).


Communication with the applicant is made by publishing a notification on the website of the Agency. The applicant is entitled to indicate in the application an additional form for communication with the Agency – email or official delivery of the respective notification/decision (transferring or sending within the Georgian territory by post).


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